Advanced Surfing Course

Advanced Surfing Course

Watch and learn …from now on the pros will be surfing for you!!! Until a little while ago to have some fresh news on the surfing world and see the pros surfing the best waves on the planet you had to wait ages and crave for those few international magazines that were just impossible to find if you didn’t live in one of the best surfing countries; otherwise, you had to find a friend, or even a friend of a friend, just anyone who would lend you a videotape, which, of course, had already been copied over and over again. Older surfers remember, and miss, those videos passed from hand to hand and all those hours spent looking at awesome photos on surfing magazines.

Today, with the web-revolution, things are a lot easier and the world seems to be ‘cramped’ in a screen… Currently, with a simple ADSL connection you can watch ASP world tour finals taking place in Hawaii while sitting comfortably on your couch while it’s snowing outside!

But, apart from having fun watching some good surfing, how can we improve Our Surfing by watching pros?

GOS knows how: we’ll teach you the best possible way to study pros surfing technique and analyze their surfing or yours. The best way to improve your surfing skills is to watch your surfing, understand what you’re doing wrong and learn from your mistakes! You can send us your videos and we’ll analyze them together! We’ll explore your strengths and weaknesses together, but we’ll also teach you how to analyze and learn by watching the pros – or you – surfing… have fun with GOS and don’t forget to check out our GOS website for more pro waves!!!!





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